From the 7th-9th  of June 2012, an official of the UN’s Global MUN 2009; Dennis Penu, led the organization of a Tertiary Model United Nations in Ghana, in accordance with the best practices he was introduced to during his training for Global Model UN in 2009. The conference was hosted by Life-Link Ghana on the theme: “Sustainable Development; a viable approach towards achieving the post 2015 (MDGs) development agenda”.

The Life-Link Tertiary Model UN conference, which will be organized annually, was held at the Accra International Conference Centre and the opening ceremony was addressed by the UN Resident Coordinator in Ghana, Ms. Ruby Sandhu-Rojon.

About 170 participants were present, serving as delegates and officials in the UN General Assembly. They were drawn from various Universities in Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia and trained in the United Nations conference format and Rules of Procedure.

The delegates also worked on 2 of the General Assembly committees in coming out with draft resolutions. The 3-day conference was to gather momentum towards the Rio +20 summit and to enlighten the youth on the essence of sustainable development whilst highlighting the UN’s efforts.

The Conference Director, Dennis Penu, inspired by his experience from GMUN 2009 introduced, for the first time, the traditional GA sub-committee system and the leadership of the General Assembly presidency and committee bureaus. Also in the officials’ team was Mr. Fiifi Botchway who served as GA President (GMUN 2009 alumni) and Mr. Emmanuel Opoku Kwadzo who served as Committee Chair (GMUN 2011 alumni)

In the UN Resident Coordinator’s address, she emphasized Mr. Ban Ki-Moon‘s call for youth to make their voices heard on sustainable development.




  1. This is an event that has realy change my view point on global politics. And should be sustained.

  2. You are a man built with ideas,so strong u gathered people from all walk’s of life for this great event and with a big heart you opened your arms to every door that closeth. You are an inspiration and a light to many.THANK YOU.(I said this to you when the conference ended but will say it again ….Thank you.). I say these things because you did hide your knowledge but shared with many, and this you will become the man you’ve always wanted be coz everyman has dream and mine has just began.

    At a sitting,Wow

  3. Hon. chair, fellow delegate, This is an event that has transformed my state of reasoning. Consensus, indeed, is the vital key to growth, development, maintenance and above all sustainability. This knowledge I hope to transcend in all sphere of my life.
    Hon. chair, It will be unfair if I fail to acknowledge how instrumental and inspiring you have been. Proud to be a bioscientist and an advocate for a change in the status Quo

  4. Am en trilled by this life transforming conference, it has built my public speaking capacity and my view towards global issues. Thank u @ Dennis Pennu u r indeed a leader.

  5. ever since you introduced me to Life-Link Friendship Schools, there has never been any regrets. i will continue to learn more to help this great organization grow. kudos and well done Mr. Dennis Penu.

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