Global warming happens to be the mainstay of the problems affecting the globe today and has led to the reduction in the quality of the environment with attendant effects on the quality of human life. This was the focus of my presentation at the Science Forum organized under the auspices of the Ghana United Nations Students’ Association of the University of Cape Coast on the 17th November 2012. Speaking to a group of students at the premises of the Wesley Girls High School in Cape Coast, it was clear that the youth of our world today have become increasingly concerned about the global call to save our future by saving our planet. The forum was held with the aim of educating the youth in second cycle institutions about the environment and how our actions affect it.

My presentation was on the theme: “Sustainable Development: the role of Science Education in Ghana” and my main concern was to expose the students to the fact that most of the environmental predicaments of our world today stem out of science and technology and the interesting fact was that these problems have their solutions in science. Ghana was making efforts in Science, but there was still some more room for continuous effort, especially on the wings of strong political will and governmental policy making.

During the question and answer session following my presentation, the students were particularly interested in finding out what the individual’s role was in achieving sustainable development. I was pleased to discuss with them the principle of sustaining your smaller environment, sharing the message and then hope that everyone else will replicate your effort. It sounds simple. But it’s not as simple now as I reflect on it. It dawns on me that, one of the most difficult things to do is to discipline our lifestyles to meet the requirements that sustain our environment.

As many youth continue to dialogue on sustainable development, it is my wish as a passionate advocate for a sustained environment that: more people should think about a sustained home, a sustained life, a sustained neighborhood, for a sustained world.


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