PEACE QUARTER; A Quarterly by PCY Fellows

Peace Quarter Logo

© Peace Conference of Youth

In November 2010, the Junior Chambers International in Osaka, Japan, initiated the annual Peace Conference of Youth (PCY) to attract active and visionary youth who strive to work for peace and development in the world to Osaka.  Selected Japanese and international youth connect their cultures and commit themselves to projects that they implement to make the world a better place. In January 2014, the PCY fellows (alumni) launched their quarterly series titled “Peace Quarter”.

Peace Quarter seeks to give fellows the platform to continue to discuss the issues that are at the core of global challenges and what world youth can do to help. This first quarterly publication contains very insightful articles from fellows from their own perspective to the bigger world. It presents some of the interesting views, experiences and projects of fellows and serves as a very good motivation and guide for those who aspire to be part of this fellowship in the future.

As a member of the editorial team, I am pleased to share the rich content with you.

Download the full journal here: PeaceQuarter_1_january2014


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