Read a Book (©

Read a Book (©

In the year 2014, I have continued my reading for personal growth; learning to be a better leader with the International Institute for Global Leadership. I just completed my Level 4 studies with 7 Books and about 11,000 words in written assessments.  Once again, I am motivated to share my development and thoughts with my networks, picking on some of the catchy lessons and quotes. I develop to develop. Enjoy reading.




You just don’t understand: men and women in conversation by Deborah Tannen (PhD)

  • Intimacy is a world of connection where individuals negotiate complex networks of friendship, minimize differences and try to reach consensus. Independence is a primary means of establishing status. Women focus more on intimacy and men, on independence.
  • To men, talk is for information; to women, talk is for interaction


  Difficult Conversations: how to discuss what matters most by Douglas Stone, Sheila Heen, and Bruce Patton

  • Delivering a difficult message is like throwing a hand grenade; and there is no such thing as a diplomatic hand grenade
  • Difficult conversations are almost never about what is right or wrong. They are mostly about conflicting perceptions, interpretations and values

Raising Children Compassionately by Marshal Rosenberg

  • “Don’t mix up that which is habitual with that which is natural” – Ghandi
  • People have a strong need to protect autonomy, and children also have that human trait
  • Punishments have limitations: and so do Rewards

The Parliament of Man: The past, present and future of the United Nations by Paul Kennedy

  • A non-Permanent member of the UN Security Council once asked a Soviet Ambassador how they (the non P5 members) could differentiate between procedural and non-procedural issues. The answer was “We (the P5) shall tell you”
  • “With all the defects, with all the failures that we can check up against the United Nations, it still remains man’s best organised hope to substitute the conference table for the battlefield”-Dwight Eisenhower

Interventions: A time in war and peace by Kofi Annan

  • There is a limit to what can be achieved through the use of force but there are times when the use of force is legitimate in the pursuit of happiness
  • “If the collective conscience of humanity cannot find in the UN its greatest tribune, there is a grave possibility that it will look elsewhere for peace and justice”- Kofi Annan
  • The MDGs should not be re-negotiated because there is the chance of destroying its momentum and progress. Instead the new challenges facing the achievement of the MDGs should be looked at.

  Conflict Analysis: Understanding Causes, Unlocking Solutions by Matthew Levinger

  • A conflict only becomes ripe for negotiation when the competing parties come to perceive themselves as suffering from it. –William Zartman.
  • The three types of interests in conflict are; procedural, relationship and substantive interests

  Be a People Person by John C. Maxwell

  • Confidence is contagious, even if it is the confidence of a 6-year old
  • Most of the time, a simple, firm, no is the best medicine
  • People don’t buy newspapers, they buy news. They don’t buy glasses, they buy vision. They don’t buy cosmetics, they buy good looks
  • One way to deal with unfair criticism is to look beyond the criticism and see the critic

Thanks for reading. You are invited to comment (below) on your favourite pick.  I look foward once again to share with you what I learn from level 5.


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